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As email is such a popular communication tool, it's pretty important the tool you use to read, reply and delete unwanted communications is simple to use. Two of the most popular email providers across the world are Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Outlook previously Live and Hotmail services.

But which is best for business and productivity and what are the pros and cons of each? Are there features one provides that the other doesn't and which has the most attractive UI? Gmail was released on 1 April , and offered 1GB of storage at the time.

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This kicked off a rivalry between the two. Hotmail itself was launched in the 90s, to be precise. A third rebrand in saw the service bear the title Outlook. The capacity has increased substantially since, however.

Aesthetically, both Gmail and Outlook. However, a recent redesign to Gmail has seen its aesthetics and user experience vastly improve - looking far more in line with Outlook.

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Gmail had previously prioritised simplicity, although many would describe this as plainness. The redesign, thankfully, improves on the feel while retaining the ability for users to concentrate on emails themselves rather than face any distractions.

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The reading pane on Outlook. Gmail also features a reading pane, but it can be enabled through the quick settings menu. Gmail also has a reading pane, switched off by default too, but is much easier to enable. The big thing the Gmail did to differentiate itself from the competition was to have labels instead of folders. This meant that messages could be tagged with multiple labels instead of being put into one specific folder. At this point, we need to clarify things a bit. As anyone who has set up Gmail via a traditional email client ironically through Outlook will tell you that these labels appear as folders in those clients.

Not only that, if you have applied more than one label to an email message, that email message will appear in multiple folders. Google will also automatically filter emails into Primary, Social, and Promotions tabs, saving you time sifting through ads for important messages.

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These are labels in the strictest sense in that they are tags for messages rather than pseudo-folders. Search Term. Department Links. What are the benefits of Office? Please note: In Office you will not see our logo, but Baruch College still administers this account.

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